Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sage e-Reference on Trial

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SAGE Reference Online provides access to more than 80 authoritative, award-winning, and interdisciplinary encyclopedias in the social sciences. You can REGISTER NOW for 30 days of free online access to the SAGE Reference Online Platform.
Of special interest to the theology students is the Encyclopedia of Time: Science, Philosophy, Theology & Culture. You can find information on several theologians and philosophers.
A little more detailed information about this work....

“What is time? Did it have a beginning? Will it ever end? These are profound questions that have been asked by serious thinkers over the centuries. Both philosophers and theologians have offered dynamic worldviews to accommodate new facts and ideas about time and change. Because of its elusiveness, time still challenges those individuals who strive to understand and appreciate the flux of reality and the pervasive influence of time on all objects and events within it.” Edited by H. James Birx, this encyclopedia surveys those major facts, con­cepts, theories, and speculations that infuse our pres­ent comprehension of time. Its inclusive orientation recognizes the contributions of not only scientists and philosophers, but also theologians and creative artists from various fields.

H. James Birx, Ph.D., D.Sci., is professor of anthropology at Canisius College in Buffalo, New York. He received both his M.A. in anthropology and Ph.D. with distinction in philosophy from the State University of New York—University at Buffalo. His writings and lectures in natural sci­ence and process philosophy embrace both a cos­mic perspective and an evolutionary framework. Dr. Birx has published over 400 chapters, arti­cles, introductions and reviews, authored six books, and edited 11 other volumes, receiving awards for both his Theories of Evolution and the five-volume Encyclopedia of Anthropology. His other works include Human Evolution, Interpreting Evolution: Darwin & Teilhard de Chardin, and the scientific monograph Craniometry of the Orchid Site Ossuary.

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