Saturday, December 27, 2008

In this New Year...........Peep Peep Don't Sleep !!

Hello Friends.

Its been quite sometime that I have posted some interesting. It was merry festivus and hope all of you have enjoyed. With the New Year round the corner, let me wish you all a Very Happy and a Prosperous New Year ahead.

Wish you Happy 2009 !

So this season many of you must be planning to take a break from routine and drive down to spend some time in solace. We've come across so many mishaps due to poor traffic habits which send chills down our spines. But thanks to Mr. Ajay Jain for taking pain to drive down 10,000 kms in India only to put together a wonderful as well as wise collection of road safety signs. He does not stop here. He has even published his thoughtful work in the form his new book "Peep Peep Don't Sleep" which is now available for purchase in India and abroad. Since most of us love to drive, I personally feel this book is of use to all of us. Its a 'must read' for every one in India especially. These little words of wisdom are gleeful yet convey the right message across. If you wish to take a look at the sample chapters of the book and see what they are like you can access Mr. Ajay Jain's blog here and open/download pdf files. You can see colourful pictures of Himachal and Kashmir along with his road signs cheerfully guiding the passersby. If you are further interested you can go ahead and purchase this book online from A1 Books. Well, we all should realize and keep in mind that road safety is a must for all of us to help save our lives as well as others'.


  1. What a great book - we love it! Plenty of funny things to see - and to also see how Road Signs reflect cultural mores. thanks!

  2. Interesting book. Thanks for posting this information about the book.

    Happy blogging.

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