Thursday, September 11, 2008

Consciousness Studies: A Book of Reading

Dear Readers,
I hope you found the resources posted earlier, interesting and useful. Consciousness Studies is a book by Robin, Schmidt and Shamantics, hosted on Wikibooks. An excerpt from the Introduction section of the books says “Everyone has their own view of the nature of consciousness based on their education and background. The intention of this book is to expand this view by providing an insight into the various ideas and beliefs on the subject as well as a review of current work in neuroscience…… It is often said that consciousness cannot be defined. This is not true; philosophers have indeed defined it in its own terms. It can be described in terms of two principle components: firstly phenomenal consciousness which consists of our experience with things laid out in space and time, sensations, emotions, thoughts, etc., and secondly access consciousness which is the processes that act on the things in experience. Phenomenal consciousness is much like the “perceptual space” of psychological and physiological research. It is the many simultaneous events that become the space of experience in general and it is now a legitimate target of scientific research.”
Wikibooks is an excellent source of e-books spanning over wide range of subjects and disciplines. Also brought forth by Wiki is an initiative for children - Wikijunior for children. Apart from these there are good books on general reading.

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